CADC The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
If you have used CADC facilities for your research, please include the following acknowledgment:
This research used the facilities of the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre operated
by the National Research Council of Canada with the support of the Canadian Space Agency.
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The CADC website is undergoing major changes to improve appearance, web content accessibility and functionality in both official languages. The goal is to provide simpler and more effective ways to access CADC services. Many older CADC web pages will no longer be accessible after April 2014. If you require assistance with this transition please email us here .

Le site du CCDA subit une transformation majeure pour améliorer l'apparence, l'accessibilité aux contenus Web et la fonctionnalité dans les deux langues officielles. L'objectif est de fournir des moyens simples et plus efficaces pour accéder aux services du CCDA. De nombreuses pages Web anciennes du CCDA ne seront plus accessibles après avril 2014. Si vous avez besoin d'aide avec cette transition, s'il vous plaît, communiquez avec nous ici

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We are currently in the process of updating some of our legacy services. If this service is useful for your research, please contact the and let us know which services you depend upon. We will prioritize them and let you know when the services have been restored.