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The SCUBA Legacy Catalogues

Welcome to the CADC repository of the SCUBA Legacy Catalogues!

The Legacy Catalogue Datasets consist of emission maps at 850 or 450 microns that contain all useful data obtained in scan- or jiggle-mode with SCUBA on JCMT during its operation. SCUBA data are available to the public in the JCMT archive hosted by the CADC.

The paper describing the Datasets and the Catalogues be downloaded from HERE. If these data or catalogues are helpful to you, we would appreciate that the following reference please be included in your paper:

Di Francesco, J., Johnstone, D., Kirk, H. M., MacKenzie, T. & Ledwosinska, E. 2008, ApJS, 175,277.

At present, the various data products are bound as tar files. In the future, individual datasets will be available for download. Until then, please select the respective tar file to download from the lists below.

Robert Simpson of Cardiff University has kindly converted the 850 micron Extended Dataset maps and 450 micron Fundamental Dataset maps into a format viewable through Google Sky. The necessary zip file can be downloaded below. Well done, Rob!!

If you have difficulties with any of these files, please contact:

James Di Francesco (NRC-HIA)

  • Tel: (250) 363-6925
  • FAX: (250) 363-0045
  • Email: james.difrancesco[at] (remove .nospam from e-mail address)
  • Mail: Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council of Canada, 5071 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC V9E 2E7, Canada

Fundamental Dataset:

Extended Dataset:

Google Sky: