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The SCUBA Polarimeter Legacy Catalogue

NGC 1333 in Perseus
Welcome to the CADC repository of the SCUBA Polarimeter Legacy Catalogue!

The Legacy Catalogue Dataset consists of data cubes of the Stokes I, Q and U emission maps at 850 microns that contain all useful data obtained in "jiggle-map" imaging mode with the SCUBA polarimeter on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. SCUBA polarimetry data are available to the public in the JCMT asf=true&archive= hosted by CADC.

The paper describing the Datasets and Catalogue can be downloaded here. Use of these reduced data or tabulated data should be accompanied by the following reference in any published work:

Matthews, B.C., McPhee, C., Fissel, L., & Curran, R.L. 2009, ApJS, 182, 143-204.

The data products are available for download as individual Stokes IQU data cubes in either FITS or NDF format, or the whole catalogue of data can be downloaded at once. Each cube contains data and variance maps for I, Q and U. The entire data table of science sources as published in the paper is also available for download on ADS. Note that this table has data sampled at 10'' (in some cases binned to 20'' as described in Matthews et al.) and contains only regions for which significant (p/dp > 2, dp < 4%, I>0) vectors were detected. The planetary polarization data table can also be downloaded. The same criteria apply to sampling and significance for those data, which can be accessed from ADS.

The individual reduced data sets are divided into two categories:

The reduced datasets for all science and planetary can be downloaded in their entirety, in FITS or NDF format. These files are available as gzipped tarred files.

If you have difficulty with any of these files, or want a different data product that you require assistance to generate, please contact:

Brenda Matthews (NRC-HIA)
  • Tel: (250) 363-8642
  • Fax: (250) 363-0045
  • Email: brenda.matthews[at] (remove .nospam from email address)
  • Mail: Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council of Canada, 5071 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC V9E 2E7, Canada

Science targets with detections
(Vectors meeting criteria of I>0, p/dp > 2 and dp < 4% in 10'' sampled map)

(Link goes to image)
Stokes IQU FITS CubeStokes IQU NDF Cube
Galactic Center gcall_cube.fitsgcall_cube_sdf.sdf
Star-forming Regions
W3 Main w3_cube.fitsw3_cube_sdf.sdf
W3 North w3n_cube.fitsw3n_cube_sdf.sdf
W3 OH w3oh_cube.fitsw3oh_cube_sdf.sdf
AFGL 333 afgl333_cube.fitsafgl333_cube_sdf.sdf
GL 437 gl437_cube.fitsgl437_cube_sdf.sdf
L1455 l1455_cube.fitsl1455_cube_sdf.sdf
NGC 1333 ngc1333_cube.fitsngc1333_cube_sdf.sdf
Barnard 1 b1_cube.fitsb1_cube_sdf.sdf
HH211/IC348 hh211_cube.fitshh211_cube_sdf.sdf
OMC-1 omc1_cube.fitsomc1_cube_sdf.sdf
OMC-2/OMC-3 omc23_cube.fitsomc23_cube_sdf.sdf
NGC 2024 n2024_cube.fitsn2024_cube_sdf.sdf
LBS 23 lbs23_cube.fitslbs23_cube_sdf.sdf
NGC 2068 n2068_cube.fitsn2068_cube_sdf.sdf
NGC 2071 IR n2071_cube.fitsn2071_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAS 05490+2658 i05490_cube.fitsi05490_cube_sdf.sdf
Mon R2 IRS monr2irs1_cube.fitsmonr2irs1_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAS 06381+1039 iras27_cube.fitsiras27_cube_sdf.sdf
MON IRAS 12 iras12_cube.fitsiras12_cube.fits
IRAS 08076-3556 i08076_cube.fitsi08076_cube_sdf.sdf
Rho Oph A ropha_cube.fitsropha_cube_sdf.sdf
Rho Oph C rophc_cube.fitsrophc_cube_sdf.sdf
Rho Oph B2 rophb2_cube.fitsrophb2_cube_sdf.sdf
NGC 6334A n6334_cube.fitsn6334_cube_sdf.sdf
G011.11-0.12 g11_cube.fitsg11_cube_sdf.sdf
GGD 27 ggd27_cube.fitsggd27_cube_sdf.sdf
CRL 2136 IRS 1 crl2136_cube.fitscrl2136_cube_sdf.sdf
Serpens Main Core serpmc_cube.fitsserpmc_cube_sdf.sdf
CL 04/CL 21 cl04_cube.fitscl04_cube_sdf.sdf
G28.34+0.06 g28_cube.fitsg28_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAS 18437-0216 i18437_cube.fitsi18437_cube_sdf.sdf
W48 w48_cube.fitsw48_cube_sdf.sdf
R Cr A rcra_cube.fits rcra_cube_sdf.sdf
W49 w49_cube.fitsw49_cube_sdf.sdf
W51 w51_cube.fitsw51_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAS 20081+2720 i20081_cube.fitsi20081_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAS 20126+4104 i20126_cube.fitsi20126_cube_sdf.sdf
AFGL 2591 IRS afgl2591_cube.fitsafgl2591_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAS 20188+3928 i20188_cube.fitsi20188_cube_sdf.sdf
S106 s106_cube.fitss106_cube_sdf.sdf
G079.3+0.3 g79_cube.fitsg79_cube_sdf.sdf
DR 21 dr21_cube.fitsdr21_cube_sdf.sdf
G81.56+0.10 g81_cube.fitsg81_cube_sdf.sdf
S140 s140_cube.fitss140_cube_sdf.sdf
S146 s146_cube.fitss146_cube_sdf.sdf
S152 s152_cube.fitss152_cube_sdf.sdf
NGC 7538 ngc7538_cube.fitsngc7538_cube_sdf.sdf
S157 s157_cube.fitss157_cube_sdf.sdf
Young Stellar Objects
L1448 l1448_cube.fitsl1448_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAS 03282+3035 iras03282_cube.fitsiras03282_cube_sdf.sdf
L1551 l1551_cube.fitsl1551_cube_sdf.sdf
L1527 l1527_cube.fitsl1527_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAM 04191+1522 iram04191_cube.fitsiram04191_cube_sdf.sdf
RNO 43 rno43_cube.fitsrno43_cube_sdf.sdf
VLA1 IRS2 vla1_cube.fitsvla1_cube_sdf.sdf
HH 111 hh111_cube.fitshh111_cube_sdf.sdf
IRAS 16293-2422 i16293_cube.fitsi16293_cube_sdf.sdf
Cepheus A cepa_cube.fitscepa_cube_sdf.sdf
Cepheus E cepe_cube.fitscepe_cube_sdf.sdf
Starless/Prestellar Cores
L1287 l1287_cube.fitsl1287_cube_sdf.sdf
L1498 l1498_cube.fitsl1498_cube_sdf.sdf
L1517B l1517b_cube.fitsl1517b_cube_sdf.sdf
L1544 l1544_cube.fitsl1544_cube_sdf.sdf
L183 l183_cube.fits l183_cube_sdf.sdf
L43 l43_cube.fitsl43_cube_sdf.sdf
Bok Globules
CB 3 cb3_cube.fitscb3_cube_sdf.sdf
CB 17 cb17_cube.fitscb17_cube_sdf.sdf
CB 26 cb26_cube.fitscb26_cube_sdf.sdf
CB 34 cb34_cube.fitscb34_cube_sdf.sdf
CB 54 cb54_cube.fitscb54_cube_sdf.sdf
CB 68 cb68_cube.fitscb68_cube_sdf.sdf
B335 b335_cube.fitsb335_cube_sdf.sdf
CB 230 cb230_cube.fitscb230_cube_sdf.sdf
CB 244 cb244_cube.fitscb244_cube_sdf.sdf
Post-AGB Stars
IRC +10216 irc10216_cube.fitsirc10216_cube_sdf.sdf
CRL 2688 crl2688_cube.fitscrl2688_cube_sdf.sdf
Planetary Nebulae
NGC 6302 n6302_cube.fitsn6302_cube_sdf.sdf
NGC 7027 n7027_cube.fitsn7027_cube.fits
Supernova Remnants
Crab Nebula crab_cube.fitscrab_cube_sdf.sdf
Cas A casa_cube.fitscasa_cube_sdf.sdf
M82 m82_cube.fitsm82_cube_sdf.sdf
M87 m87_cube.fitsm87_cube_sdf.sdf

Planetary polarization data
(Vectors meeting criteria of I>0, p/dp > 2 and dp < 4% in 10'' sampled map)

Observation Date
(Link goes to image)
Stokes IQU FITS CubeStokes IQU NDF Cube
1998 Nov 23 mars_98nov23_cube.fitsmars_98nov23_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Apr 19 mars_99apr19_cube.fitsmars_99apr19_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 May 13 mars_99may13_cube.fitsmars_99may13_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Feb 24 mars_00feb24_cube.fitsmars_00feb24_cube_sdf.sdf
2001 Sep 13 mars_01sep13_cube.fitsmars_01sep13_cube_sdf.sdf
2001 Sep 14 mars_01sep14_cube.fitsmars_01sep14_cube_sdf.sdf
2002 Mar 01 mars_02mar01_cube.fitsmars_02mar01_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Oct 12 jupiter_99oct12_cube.fitsjupiter_99oct12_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Jul 19 (A) jupiter_a_00jul19_cube.fitsjupiter_a_00jul19_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Jul 19 (B) jupiter_b_00jul19_cube.fitsjupiter_b_00jul19_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Aug 23 jupiter_00aug23_cube.fitsjupiter_00aug23_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Aug 25 jupiter_00aug25_cube.fitsjupiter_00aug25_cube_sdf.sdf
1998 Aug 31 saturn_98aug31_cube.fitssaturn_98aug31_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Sep 09 saturn_99sep09_cube.fitssaturn_99sep09_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Sep 14 saturn_99sep14_cube.fitssaturn_99sep14_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Oct 13 saturn_99oct13_cube.fitssaturn_99oct13_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Oct 14 saturn_99oct14_cube.fitssaturn_99oct14_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Oct 16 saturn_99oct16_cube.fitssaturn_99oct16_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Feb 18 saturn_00feb18_cube.fitssaturn_00feb18_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Feb 20 saturn_00feb20_cube.fitssaturn_00feb20_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Feb 23 saturn_00feb23_cube.fitssaturn_00feb23_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Feb 24 saturn_00feb24_cube.fitssaturn_00feb24_cube_sdf.sdf
2001 Dec 24 saturn_01dec24_cube.fitssaturn_01dec24_cube_sdf.sdf
1998 Jul 19 uranus_98jul19_cube.fitsuranus_98jul19_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Mar 14 uranus_99mar14_cube.fitsuranus_99mar14_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Mar 15 uranus_99mar15_cube.fitsuranus_99mar15_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Mar 30 uranus_99mar30_cube.fitsuranus_99mar30_cube_sdf.sdf
1999 Apr 20 uranus_99apr20_cube.fitsuranus_99apr20_cube_sdf.sdf
2000 Aug 23 uranus_00aug23_cube.fitsuranus_00aug23_cube_sdf.sdf
2001 Dec 29 uranus_01dec29_cube.fitsuranus_01dec29_cube_sdf.sdf
2002 Feb 17 uranus_02feb17_cube.fitsuranus_02feb17_cube_sdf.sdf
2003 Apr 17 uranus_03apr17_cube.fitsuranus_03apr17_cube_sdf.sdf
2004 Oct 17 uranus_04oct17_cube.fitsuranus_04oct17_cube_sdf.sdf