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To view publications based in whole or in part on data obtained with the DAO 1.2-m and/or 1.8-m telescopes simply select the publication year and click the "Retrieve ADS listing" button to view ADS entries for DAO-based papers we have identified for that year. To help check for completeness, you can also search for papers by last name. Finally, since many MSc and PhD theses do not have ADS bibcodes these can be viewed separately by selecting the link provided at the bottom.

Accurate tracking of DAO-based publications and citations is of critical importance for helping maintain funding for these facilities. If any of your publications (refereed papers, conference presentation, circulars, theses, recent astro-ph preprints) are missing please send details or, preferably, the ADS bibcode (e.g. 2009PASP..121..343H) to david.bohlender@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca. This can obviously include papers earlier than 1995, the current limit of our detailed bibliographic search.

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